martes, 26 de abril de 2011

Amsterdam, Holland 22.04.11--24.04.11


Brugge, Belgium 19.04.11

  • Belgium's fairy tale town:

Brussels, Belgium 18.04.11--20.04.11

When in Belgium, eat waffles, chocolate, fries (with mayo), and drink the world's best beer--hands down.  Also, only in Belgium is a naked baby urinating one of the largest tourist attractions.  Lastly, allow Nigel Farage to explain the state of Belgian politics.
  • Architecture:

  • Belgium's national icon (no joke):

Belgian Baby Elvis

  • More architecture.  Why do they like naked babies so much?

  • Delirium Cafe, pictured below, is famous for its variety of 2,000+ beers in stock.

  • Europe's capital.  Pictured below is the EU Parliament.

Segovia, España 23.04.11

  •  Segovia's famous aqueduct.  It used to bring water to the city's residential area from the hills you will see in the distance in the next picture.

Ávila, España 22.04.11

  • The Great Wall of Ávila: